Premises Liability

Most people have seen ads that advertise attorneys who want to help with personal injury and liability cases, but many tend not to know the exact situation where they’d qualify. In short, a premises liability case is someone who suffers from a personal injury as a result from the negligence of another. Oftentimes, that negligent party is a business, like a superstore that didn’t put up a wet floor sign before a slip-and-fall.

Premises Liability Statistics

There are a few important statistics to know and understand about premises liability cases and the injuries that they involve.

  • One in every ten lawsuits are premises liability suits
  • 60% of slip-and-falls happen in the retail industry
  • The median settlement for premises liability cases is $45,000

Frequently Asked Questions About Premises Liability

What should I do if I suffer from a premises liability injury?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if you’ve suffered from a premises liability injury. However, if you suspect that you are the victim of one, then there are a few important steps to take. The first step is to write down everything that happened, where it happened, what time it happened, and any other relevant information. This will make it clear to your attorney what happened. From there, you need to keep track of the expenses that have been incurred from the injury and see a doctor immediately. Again, continue to note any conversations and evidence that you may have, and from there contact an experienced liability attorney, like Travis of North Atlanta Injury Law PC.

What damages could I potentially recover?

There are several different types of damages that you can recover from a premises liability case, including, lost wages, medical bills, therapy, prescription costs, pain and suffering, and more.

So, if you have suffered from slip-and-falls, trip-and-falls, or another injury that you’re not liable for, call Travis of North Atlanta Injury Law PC today.