Trucking and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) help us get a bird’s eye view of the minimum standards for truck drivers and trucking companies, while Georgia’s Commercial Driver’s Manual fills in the details. All states’ Commercial Driver’s Manuals, including Georgia’s, are very similar as they are based on a single manual published by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

The FMCSA covers topics such as the preservation of records required to be maintained by trucking companies; rules governing the issuance of commercial driver’s licenses (CDL); minimum insurance limits for trucking companies; drug and alcohol use and testing; general safety regulations governing various players in the trucking industry; minimum driver qualifications and driver disqualification standards; safety rules for operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV); regulations for equipment; regulations governing maximum hours of service for drivers; and regulations governing equipment inspection, repair, and maintenance.

The regulations found at 49 CFR §§ 383.110, 383.111, 383.113, and 383.131 point us to the industry standards found in Georgia’s Commercial Driver’s Manual. We read in 49 CFR § 383.110 that all commercial motor vehicle drivers must have “the knowledge and skills necessary to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle safely,” while 49 CFR §§ 383.111 and 383.113 set out the areas of required knowledge and skill, including safe vehicle control systems, basic controls, shifting, backing, visual search, communication, speed management, space management, night operation, extreme driving conditions, hazard perception, emergency maneuvers, skid control, vehicle inspections, relationship of cargo to vehicle control, mountain driving, fatigue and awareness, and air brakes.

Georgia’s Commercial Driver’s Manual is designed to provide the substance of the knowledge and skills addressed in 49 CFR §§ 383.111 and 383.113. That manual can be downloaded from the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

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